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Tree pruning, Reducing and Trimming in Chester

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I have over 12 years of experience tree pruning Chester. I am highly skilled and competent in all aspects of tree maintenance. Whether you need tree pruning, trimming, or reducing, get in touch with me now on for a FREE no-obligation quote.

Tree Pruning Chester

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My Tree Pruning Procedure

The first and most important part of my tree pruning procedure is visiting your property and assessing the trees. Once I have made an assessment, I will decide on the best course of action for each tree. You need to ask for help from our cheap ghostwriters for hire if one prefers such services.

Wherever necessary, I will use slings or lowering ropes to make sure all of the pruning is carried out in a controlled manner. I use the latest tree surgery techniques to make sure branches and limbs are lowered safely to the ground. If any tree branches are storm damaged, have a disease, or are dead, they will be removed.

When I make cuts, I always follow the British standards (BS3998) guidelines. By following the BS3998 guidelines, you can be rest assured that any cuts I have to make will be of the highest standard and will protect the tree’s overall health.

Here are the most common reasons for pruning a tree:

  • overgrown limbs
  • restricted sunlight for smaller trees and plants
  • weak branches susceptible to breaking in high winds
  • overcrowding
  • provide clearance
  • improve tree structure
  • reduce shade and wind resistance
  • manage tree health
  • save a storm-damaged tree
  • improve aesthetics

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Tree Pruning Services in Chester

Tree pruning, tree cutting, and tree trimming all mean the same thing – removing any part of a tree. If any tree branches have to be removed, they should be cut back to the branch collar. Cutting back to the branch collar gives the tree a much better chance of healing from the resulting wound.

Here are all of the different types of pruning:

Tree Reshaping and Crown Reduction in Chester

Crown reductions allow the crown to be reduced in size without ruining its shape. Only a highly skilled and experienced tree surgeon should attempt this type of tree maintenance. Tree Crown reduction is often used if a tree is near power lines or causing damage to nearby buildings.

Tree Crown Thinning in Chester

Reducing the density of a tree crown is done by carefully removing selected branches while maintaining the overall size and shape of the tree. Tree thinning is often used to minimise damage from wind resistance. Thinning a tree allows more light and strong winds to pass through it.

Tree Pollarding in Chester

The purpose of tree pollarding is to stop a tree from reaching its full size. Once a tree reaches the required height, the main leading system of the tree is removed. The tree will eventually regrow and will need re-pollarding back to the pollard head.

Tree Crown Lifting in Chester

The lower branches are responsible for the entire structure of a tree, as the affiliate that joined edupartners.cc is responsible for the final profit. To raise the crown of a tree, some of the lower branches will have to be removed. Removing the lower branches will allow more sunlight to pass underneath the tree. If you have a large tree blocking the sunlight in your garden, this could be the solution.

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